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Ancestral Photos


ggggrandparents Jordan0.jpg (15160 bytes)

Grandma, (Caroline Thornton), & Grandpa Jordan, my ggggrandparents.


Dicy Jordan.jpg (14797 bytes)

Dicy Jordan, my gggrandmother.  Daughter of Caroline Thornton and Unknown Jordan.  2nd wife of James A. Rose.


Will Jordan.jpg (16310 bytes)

Will Jordan, my ggUncle. Son of Caroline Thornton and Unknown Jordan and brother of Dicy Jordan.


Bob Rose.jpg (13749 bytes)

My great uncle, Bob Rose, son of Dicy Jordan and James A. Rose























Abner & Molly.jpg (15029 bytes)

Abner & Molly Richey, with infant Emmett Richie.These are my maternal ggrandparent's.  The parent's of Clarence Richie.  Emmett Richie died as a child.

Richie family.jpg (15868 bytes)

Nell, Margaret & Clarence Richie.  Margaret is my mother.





These two pictures were both found hanging in the James Bailey Wells house in Gonzales Co. TX.  

 James Bailey Wells Jr WWII Air Force Captain, and below as Air Force Cadet.

Unknown Wells1.JPG (6808 bytes)

Unknown Wells3.JPG (4025 bytes)

Thank you, cousin Bailey Wells, for identifying these pictures!


Dicy Jordan married first a man named Riggins, and second, James A. Rose, my ggrandfather. 

 These are pictures of Dicy's children from her first marriage and the resulting grandchildren.

 Ina.jpg (16777 bytes)

Ina Riggins and family.  Don't know her married name.

McDowell's.jpg (14621 bytes)

Frances Riggins McDowell with daughter Marcia McDowell, and Paul  McDowell who might be her son, but not positive.  Frances married a man by the name of Dr. George McDowell.  


George McDowell.jpg (14938 bytes)

George McDowell who is possibly Frances' son.

WashingtonRose tomb.jpg (4722 bytes)

Washington Rose is buried in the Pine Grove cemetery in Eatonton, GA.  This is the inscription on his tombstone.

This monument is erected in the memory of Washington Rose who was born Feby 22nd, 1792 and died Nov. 1st, 1849 aged 57 years.


This marble covers the ashes of the just,

Who sought no honours nor betrayed no trust.  

This truth he proved in every path he trod,  

An honest man, the noblest work of God.





2-D.jpg (16683 bytes)

Clarence Eugene Richie, my maternal grandfather.

Nell & Clarence.jpg (17053 bytes)

Nell & Clarence Richie, my maternal grandparent's.











James Bailey Wells Sr..jpg (244186 bytes)

James Bailey Wells Sr.   My GGUncle

Josephine Henry Wells.jpg (241277 bytes)

Josephine HENRY Wells, wife of James Bailey Wells Sr.


.Unknown Girl.jpg (16027 bytes)

This little girl has not yet been identified.  But isn't she CUTE?!

Unknowns.jpg (15116 bytes)

Does anyone recognize these folks?  If so, please tell me!


Amanda and Jesse.jpg (34705 bytes)

Amanda BYNUM & Jesse Wright.  Parents of Nancy Edna WRIGHT Rose.  Picture was sent to me by Cousin Randy.  Thanks, Randy!

A.H. & N.E. Rose.jpg (14318 bytes)

Adolphus H. and Nancy Edna WRIGHT Rose.  My paternal grandparent's.


Paul's baby.jpg (13881 bytes)

Paul McDowell's baby.




















Grandma Capehart.jpg (20176 bytes)

Molly Capehart Mother of Clarence Eugene Richie and my Ggrandmother.


My mother, Margaret and her sister Betty.

The Richie's.jpg (19177 bytes)

Betty, Margaret, Nell, & Clarence Richie with Clarence's half sister, Annie Booker on the right.




Unknown Wells2.JPG (5383 bytes) 

Another picture found hanging in the J.B. Wells house in Gonzales Co., TX. This is Charles Monroe Wells (1875-1947), with wife Georgia Buckholtz Wells (1905-1991). They are standing by a gate on their ranch at Leesville, Gonzales Co. TX. He was the eldest son of James Bailey Wells Sr., and Josephine Hodges Henry Wells.